Camino del Norte: Stretch 1 from Irún to Bilbao.

1 pax min

Camino del Norte. Stretch 1 from Irún to Bilbao.

1 pax min.

Stretch 1 from LLanes to Ribadeo

The Northern Way has its origin in the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, which remained over 600 years. Almost the entire territory that now covers Portugal and Spain had been conquered, even till Santiago de Compostela, except the north coast. Since the Camino Francés at that time couldn’t be developed, the Camino del Norte along the Cantabrian coast was a journey taken by Christian pilgrims living under the tolerance of Muslim rule.


Day 1: Flight to Bilbao or Pamplona

Transfer to the hotel in Irún. Time to visit this beautiful coastal city.

Day 2: From Irún to San Sebastián, 25 km approx.

To begin our camino we have a beautiful stage before us which runs along the coast. First we have the ascent to the convent of Guadalupe and going through a mountainous landscape we get to Pasajes de San Juan, a coastal village which leads us to San Sebastián.

Opportunity to visit the city (Basque: Donostia). It has a beautiful beach: La Concha and interesting museums.

Day 3: From San Sebastián to Zarautz, 21 km approx.

Today’s stage runs almost entirely along the coast. First we’ll cross the Monte Mendizorrotz to the Romanesque chapel of San Martín de Tours. We reach Orio, a city with a deep-rooted naval culture, before entering Zarautz.

Day 4: From Zarautz to Deba, 21,5 km approx.

At the beginning this stage goes also along the coast to enter later the Teba valley. We’ll pass by Getaria, a coastal city where Juan Sebastán el Cano was born. It’s worth visiting the Romanesque church of San Salvador. Before Deba we’´ll go through the villages of Zumaia and Itziar.

Day 5: From Deba to Markina – Xemein, 20,5 km approx.

Along the camino we’ll see the hermitage of Calbario. After the Olatz valley we have the ascent to the Monte Arno, 500m high. Upon arrival in Markina-Xemein the first thing we’ll see is the medieval wall that surrounds the city.

Day 6: From Markina – Xemein to Guenika, 25 km approx.

In the village of Zerranuza we can visit its parish church called Colegiata de Zenarruza which dates back to the 11th century. After passing the village of Munitibar we’ll see the hermitage of Santiago.

Today’s stage ends in Guernika.This place is best known as the scene of the April 26, 1937, Bombing of Guernica, one of the first aerial bombings by Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe supported by Franco. It inspired the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

We can walk around the city and visit the church of Santa María.

Day 7: From Guernika to Lezama, 25 km approx.

Today’s stage runs along the so-called “Ruta Juradera”.It’s an oath-swearing route which the feudal lords had to follow to ensure the rights and freedoms of the community.

Later we’ll have to climb the Altos de Morga and Aretxabalagane, 400 m high, before reaching Lezama.

Day 8: From Lezama to Bilbao, 13 km approx.

Today we have a short stage which enables us to get sooner to Bilbao in order to explore the city. We can visit the church of San Martín in Zamudio before arriving in Bilbao.

In Bilbao we can visit the Guggenheim Museum and the Cathedral.

Day 9: Bilbao

Transfer to Bilbao or Pamplona airport.

*There is the possibility to extend the stay in Irún or Bilbao, if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to contact Viajes Orbis. When extending your stay, apart from having more time to enjoy the city, we can arrange some excursions.

*It is also possible to combine various trips, e.g. follow the Way of Saint James until Santiago de Compostela.

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