Camino del Norte: Stretch 2 from Bilbao to LLanes

1 pax min

Camino del Norte. Stretch 2 from Bilbao to LLanes

1 pax min.

Stretch 2 from Bilbao to LLanes

The Northern Way has its origin in the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, which remained over 600 years.  Almost the entire territory that now covers Portugal and Spain had been conquered, even till Santiago de Compostela, except the north coast.  Since the Camino Francés at that time couldn’t be developed, the Camino del Norte along the Cantabrian coast was a journey taken by Christian pilgrims living under the tolerance of Muslim rule.


Day 1: Arrival in Bilbao

Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Opportunity to visit the city, the most important places are the Guggenheim Museum, the old town and the Cathedral.

Day 2: From Bilbao to Portugalete, 14 km approx.

Today we have before us a short stage We leave Bilbao passing by the hermitage of Santa Águeda. We’ll pass industrial parks of Sestao and Barakaldo before reaching Portugalete.

Day 3: From Portugalete to Castro Urdiales, 28 km approx.

We can see the commonly named “Puente Colgante” (= suspension bridge), the first transporter bridge ever built. Opened in 1893 and proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Passing by La Arena beach, we’ll leave Pais Vasco to enter Cantabria. We’ll pass many villages before reaching Castro Urdiales.

Day 4: From Castro Urdiales to Laredo, 29 km approx.

Castro Urdiales was one of the most important coastal villages of north Spain in Middle Ages. After passing the village of Islares we have two options:  either to take the bridge, Puente de la Magdalena  (31 km approx.) or to walk closer to the main road (29 km approx.)

Laredo was also a very important commercial port between the Peninsula and north Europe.

Day 5: From Laredo to Arnuero, 24 km approx.

Before leaving Laredo we can visit the Gothic church of Santa María in Laredo. There are two variants, one runs by the villages of Colindres and San Miguel de Meruelo and the other goes along the coast through Santoña. If we decide to go through Santoña we’ll have the opportunity to take a boat to cross the estuary (if interested, please contact Viajes Orbis)

Day 6: From Arnuero to Somo / Santander, 23 km approx. (37 km by surrounding the estuary)

When leaving Anuero we can visit the Romanesque church of Santa María de Bareyo.

In this stage we’ll have to choose again between different routes; one of them runs along the coast and passes beautiful beaches. In Galizano possibility to visit the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas.

*In Somo we can take a boat directly to Santander from which we can enjoy the nice views. Otherwise we’ll have to surround all the coast, which results in a longer stage (please contact Viajes Orbis in case of being interested in this option so as to arrange the transfer by boat)

We have the opportunity to visit Santander, the capital city of Cantabria. The most important places are the Cathedral, the Magdalena Palace and the beach of El Sardinero.

Day 7: From Santander to Mogro, 25 km approx.

We’ll pass by Benzana before reaching the bridge, Puente Arce which has its origin in the16th century and we’ll also visit the church of Santa María before arriving in Mogro.

Day 8: From Mogro to Santillana del Mar, 22 km approx.

Today’s stage lead us through Barreda and Camplengo before arriving in Santillana del Mar, a village many times described as the most beautiful Spain’s. Opportunity to visit Santillana del Mar and the church of Santa Juliana from the 13th century.

Day 9: From Santillana del Mar to Comillas, 24 km approx.

Today’s stage runs by many typical small villages from the region. Before arriving in Cobreces we can visit the church of San Pedro de Oreña or the village of San Martín de Cigüenza where the church of San Martín is located.

Day 10: From Comillas to Unquera, 29 km approx.

We will be passing by San Vicente de la Barquera where there was a pilgrims hostel in Middle Agges. Here is located the Universidad Pontificia  which formerly was a Seminar for future Priests. It opened at the time of the Pope Leo XIII. We can also visit the Sobrellano Palace and the house designed by Gaudi called “El Capricho”.

Day 11: From Unquera to Llanes, 25 km approx.

In Colombres we can see the “indiano” houses, luxury buildings made by returning migrants from America. This village was a pilgrimage place in Middle Ages.

Day 12: Llanes.

Time to visit this beautiful coastal city. Transfer to Santander or Oviedo airport.

*There is the possibility to extend the stay in Bilbao or LLanes, if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to contact Viajes Orbis. When extending your stay, apart from having more time to enjoy the city, we can arrange some excursions.

*It is also possible to combine various trips, e.g. follow the Way of Saint James until Santiago de Compostela.

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