Last 100 km of the Camino del Norte: From Villalba to Santiago de Compostela

1 pax min

The last 100 km of the Camino del Norte: From Villalba to Santiago de Compostela

1 pax min.

The Northern Way has its origin in the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, which remained over 600 years. Almost the entire territory that now covers Portugal and Spain had been conquered, even till Santiago de Compostela, except the north coast. Since the Camino Francés at that time couldn’t be developed, the Camino del Norte along the Cantabrian coast was a journey taken by Christian pilgrims living under the tolerance of Muslim rule.

The last 100 km: From Villalba to Santiago de Compostela


Day 1: Arrival in Villalba

Transfer from Santiago or La Coruña airport to Villalba. Free time to visit the city.

Day 2: From Villalba to Baamonde, 21 km approx.

We are in the heart of  “Terra Chá” and today’s stage it’s also fairly easy. We pass through the village of Pigara before reaching Baamonde.

Day 3: From Baamonde to Marcela, 20 km approx.

We’ll pass through the village of San Paio de Seixón where we can visit the church with its Romanesque facade. We follow the way going through small villages until we reach Marcela.

*In this area there is not accommodation available. Due to this we will arrange a transfer back to Baamonde for an overnight stay and the next day we’ll return to Marcela to continue our camino.

Day 4: From Marcela to Sobrado de los Monjes, 20 km approx.

Transfer to Marcela from Baamonde. Today’s stage leads us to Sobrado de los Monjes, where we can visit the cistercian convent here located which was founded in the year 952.

Day 5: From Sobrado de los Monjes to Arzúa, 22 km approx.

Passing through small villages like Carelle and Mella we reach Arzúa. This region is well known by its “Tetilla” Galician cheese.

In Arzua the Camino del Norte joins the Camino Frances and they run together till Santiago.

Day 6: From Arzúa to Lavacolla, 30 km approx.

This stage also goes through eucalyptus forests and brings us even closer to our destination. We,ll pass through different towns, among which you,ll find St. Irene and Amenal. In Lavacolla pilgrims were accustomed to have a bath in the river before entering the next day in Santiago.

Day 7: From Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela, 11 km approx.

Finally we get closer to our destination. We have ahead a short stage, perfect to reach the Cathedral of Santiago before 12 noon to attend to the Pilgrim’s Mass which is held every day at this time.

Before entering the city we will  pass through the Monte del Gozo, whose name comes from the joy felt by the pilgrims when seeing the city for the first time.

Day 8. In Santiago de Compostela

Free day to visit this beautiful city, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. We can visit the market town, Plaza de Abastos or one of its museums e.g. the Museum of Pilgrimages and the Cathedral Museum.

Transfer to the airport.

*There is the possibility to extend the stay in Santiago, if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to contact Viajes Orbis. When extending your stay, apart from having more time to enjoy the city, we can arrange some excursions.

*It is also possible to combine various trips, e.g. follow the Way of Saint James until Finisterre.



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