Ruta de la Plata: Stretch 2 from Cáceres to Salamanca

1 pax min

Ruta de la Plata. Stretch 2 from Cáceres to Salamanca

1 pax min.

The origin of the Ruta de la Plata dates back to Roman times, as it was one of the Roman roads linking Astorga (Asturica Augusta ) in the north with Mérida (Augusta Emerita) in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Today the route called Ruta de la Plata is the road connecting Sevilla with Gijón and the Camino de Santiago that comes from Cádiz to Santiago de Compostela, joining the Camino Francés in Astorga.

There is an alternative path called the Camino Sanabrés, which branches from the Vía de la Plata and arrives in Santiago de Compostela through the city of Orense in southern Galicia It is the best known and busy

On foot through the Via de la Plata to Santiago de Compostela

Stretch 2 Caceres – Salamanca , 215 Km approx.


Day 1: Arrival in Cáceres

Day 2: From Cáceres to La Perala, 22 km approx.

Walk to Casar de Cáceres In the church of the Ascension we see diverse architectonic styles . The famous Torta del Casar (a special creamy cheese of this region) of t is made of sheep’s milk.

Day 3: From La Perala to Cañaveral, 23km approx.

Transfer by taxi from Cáceres to La Perla

Today we walk through one of the most beautiful landscapes Etremadura’s, across the Alcántara Reservoir to Cañaveral.

 Day 4: From Cañaveral to Grimaldo – Riolobos, 21km approx. By taxi to Carcaboso.

First we walk to Grimaldo, a city with a feudal castle. Then we walk along the Tagus valley and after, through forests and meadows full of bulls.  A small uphill to “Puerto de los Castaños” leads us to Grimaldo, the city with its feudal castle.

Day 5: From Riolobos to Galisteo -  Carcaboso, 18km approx.

Today we have before us a very special track. It’s a very quiet and lonely stage. The first part runs through forests of great natural value.  The second part run through a maze of paths over meadows and cornfields.  After Galisteo we arrive in Aldehuela del Jerte and Carcaboso

Day 6: De Carcaboso to Cáparra, 20 km approx. By taxi to Aldeanueva del Camino

Today we’ll walk trough a natural treasure. It is almost incredible that we still find such a worthy natural lanscape within nowadays modern Europe, as we see in Extremadura. We reach Caparra.

Day 7: From Cáparra to Aldeanueva del Camino, 20km approx.

Walk along a lonely and beautiful landscape to Aldeanueva del Camino.

Day 8. From Aldea Nueva del Camino to Calzada de Béjar, 22km approx.

After Baños de Fuente Mayor we reach the mountain pass of Bejar , in the province of Salamanca. The “dehesa” (pasture) of Extremadura extends throughout a mountainous lanscape. The mountain pass of Béjar was a natural pass for nomads and millions of cattle during transhumance.

Day 9: De Calzada de Béjar a Fuente Roble, sobre  20km.

In Calzada de Bejar we still can find Roman remains. Through small villages like Valverde de Valdelacasa and Valdelacasa, we reach Fuente de Roble where we can visit the parish church in Gothic style.

Day 10: From Fuente Roble to San Pedro de Rozados, 29km approx.

We leave Fuenterroble behind us and soon we find the ascent to Pico Dueñas (1,100m high, the highest peak of the Ruta de la Plata) where we will see the Cruz de Santiago which reminds us of the iconic Cruz de Ferro in the Camino Francés.

Dia 11.De San Pedro  de Rozados a Salamanca, sobre 24 km.

A flat stage that leads to Salamanca, Spain’s oldest university.  Along the way we’ll only see the village of Murille. In Salamanca we will have time to visit this great monumental and university city eg .:  The Plaza Mayor, the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, the University etc …

Day 12: End of the trip

*There is the possibility to extend the stay in Salamanca, if you are interested in it please don,t hesitate to contact Viajes Orbis. When extending your stay, apart from enjoying the city, we can arrange some excursions.

*It is also possible to combine various trips, e.g. follow the Way of Saint James to Burgos, Astorga or until Santiago..

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