From Santiago to Finisterre

1 pax min

From Santiago to Finisterre

1 pax min.

The Camino Finisterre predates the Camino de Santiago. It is believed that this place was already revered by the Celts and were the Romans who gave the place its name. Finisterre comes from “Finis Terrae” which means the end of the world.  In Galician this region is known by “Costa da Morte” due to the amount of shipwrecks that happened and still happen nowadays in these waters.
Today, lots of pilgrims arriving in Santiago decide to continue the way to Finisterre until reaching the sea so that they can enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Cape Finisterre.

This trip can be combined with any of the routes to Santiago. Some pilgrims choose to walk the Camino the other way round, that is to say, starting from Finisterre. It must be taken into account that if we do it this way, we won’t get the Compostela upon arriving in Santiago, as the walking distance is less that 100 km which is the minimum required for the Cathedral of Santiago to give this certificate.


Day 1: Flight to Santiago de Compostela

Transfer to Santiago. We have the opportunity to visit this ancient city, specially the Cathedral, destination of millions of pilgrims over the centuries, the historical town or the Plaza de Abastos, Santiago’s market town.

Day 2: From Santiago de Compostela to Negreira, 22 km approx.

From the Praza do Obradoiro in Santiago and with your back to the Cathedral, we’ll pass in front of the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, a former pilgrim hospital that today is a Parador.

Passing through the villages of Aguapesada and Ponte Maceira we arrive in Negreira.

Day 3: From Negreira to Olveiroa, 33km approx.

We leave Negreira at the time we pass through many small typical villages of the region. In Vilaserío there’s the possibility to visit the Romanesque church of San Pedro de Bugallido.

Along the Camino we’ll see lots of “hórreos” (raised granaries, frequently very long). We arrive in Olveiroa.

Day 4: From Olveiroa to Cee, 20 km approx.

We pass by the parish church of Dumbría and the Olveiroa Reservoir. Soon after we’ll see the coast, which sets our destination. The camino descends fairly rapidly until arriving in Cee.

* Today it would be possible to make the stage from Olveiroa to Finisterre without staying in Cee, then it would be 35 km in total.

Day 5: From Cee to Finisterre, 15 km approx.

Today we’ll enjoy from nice sea views most of the camino. We’ll pass by the beach of Estorde and the fishing village of Sardiñeiro. Then we arrive in Playa Langosteira and straight away to Finisterre. At the evening there’s the opportunity to do a nice walk until the Cape Finisterre, 4 km approx. to enjoy the sunset.

Day 6: Finisterre.

Free time to visit this cute fishing port. We’ll have the opportunity to eat in some of its restaurants or take a rest in Playa Langosteira.

In the afternoon, transfer to Santiago.

Day 7: Santiago.

Free time in the city before going to the airport.

*There is the possibility to extend the stay in Santiago or Finisterre, if you are interested in it please don’t hesitate to contact Viajes Orbis. When extending your stay, apart from having more time to enjoy the city, we can arrange some excursions.

*it is also possible to combine different trips, as for example by joining this one with previous stages of any of the Caminos de Santiago o even to continue the Camino until Muxía.


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