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Departmental math, computer scientific discipline and purely natural sciences.


The Departmental math, personal computer research and normal sciences provides printed out and automated literature to computer and mathematics science and essays websites the all-natural sciences.

With handful of exclusions, all shares are loaned. Guides utilizing websites of UB might be went back on the Departmental Minutes. Moreover, interlibrary personal loans might be picked up and given back.
On request we supply for your demands structured training courses and led tours.

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Entry Developing Departmental Philosophicum.

Departmental Philosophicum.


The Departmental Philosophicum is made up of 20 collection regions former institution libraries from the sectors 05 philology and philosophy 07 Cultural and Historical Research projects and also the Education of Audio. The 18 internet sites in Philosophicum are very closely intertwined with function and offices spread and rooms over the whole developing.

The site Academy of Songs is situated in the identical building, the location of musicology inside the stem on the Philosophicum.

This can be a reference collection, the media may be borrowed is restricted. For financing in this field Selection Special regulations implement.

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Front door Developing Academy of Music.

Departmental Philosophicum, spot Academy of Popular music.


The holdings with the Academy of Popular music are situated away from Philosophicum in the Academy of Songs. They are really geared up in line with a subject and offer you. A. An array of realistic music editions.

It really is a research local library, the media could be took out has limitations. For financing here Collection Specific principles put on.

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Entry Establishing Departmental Philosophicum.

Departmental Philosophicum, site musicology.


The holdings of musicology take the porch of Philosophicum the first flooring. They can be well prepared in line with a subject.

This can be a research collection, the mass media might be lent has limitations. For lending in this region Catalogue Specific policies use.

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Departmental Economics and Law.


The Departmental law and economics has concentrated on press law and economics. Also, it contains a place for Anthropology and African Research projects as well as the Jahn Local library.

Mortgage are definitely the stocks and shares of Anthropology and African Research, the textbook choices regulation and anthropology and economics. The remainder of the stocks can be obtained is restricted.

In cohesiveness with all the Team 03, the selection organizes introductions to selection use.

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Departmental theology.


The Departmental theology is often a theological medical specialist local library. It collects literature of all theological disciplines as well as key literature related subjects if they check that overlap with the issues of theology.

With very few conditions, all stocks are obtained. The departmental local library lends out during the few days.

Together with the Team on the collection organizes introductions to selection use, following get, in the use of theological D assets.

In the near future web site Taubertsberg the Jewish Collection (everlasting loan coming from the Jewish Neighborhood, Contact Prof. Andreas Lehnardt) as well as theological textbook assortment of the Fundamental Catalogue will probably be encased.